MEET AND MINGLE:  Same-Sex Couples Trying To Conceive (for Women)

If you're in a same-sex couple and ready to move on to the next stage of life, you might be wondering what those next steps look like. Or maybe you've been trying to conceive (TTC) for some time and could benefit from additional emotional support and logistical guidance. If any of this resonates, please join us on Wednesday, May 24th for an informal opportunity to meet other couples exploring and going through the fertility process. You can also learn more about our fertility support group that starts in June. 

This is a free event for same-sex couples trying to conceive, hosted by Rachel Rabinor, LCSW and Dr. Elizabeth Winter, ND and Midwife. Please RSVP to rachel@rachelrabinor.com

GROUP: Same-Sex Couples Trying To Conceive (for Women) 

If you made it to our Happy Hour and know this is the group for you, you can register for this unique group now! ---------->


If you're just hearing about the group, please read on to learn more about what you can expect. 

We understand that trying to conceive (TTC) is a different experience when you're in a same-sex relationship. While you're not necessarily infertile, you may already be diving into fertility treatments. Or maybe you're wondering if you can just take care of things from the comfort of your own home rather than involving a medical team.

You're tired of googling and you want to get some answers to the burning questions you have about medical interventions and legal requirements or recommendations. You wonder how people navigate all the dialogue with friends and family, and what you'll say to your baby once she's here about her conception. 

Navigating this path feels lonely and confusing and you'd love to join a group of women who are in the same situation to learn from and support one another along the way. 

While this is an exciting time, we also understand that it can be incredibly stressful. To help manage difficult emotions and reduce stress, we'll be sharing the benefits of learning and practicing mind-body techniques; we'll also teach you how to use them. We'll introduce several new skills throughout our time together, including mindfulness, visualization, journaling and breathing techniques. You'll have the opportunity to practice these new strategies in-between groups and find what works for you. Best of all, these new skills will equip you for more than just your fertility journey. Mind-body techniques can be used throughout your life. In fact, the more you practice, the better they'll work. 

Special guest, Anna Howard, Esq will join on June 27th to present the most up-to-date legal information and to answer questions. This special series will culminate with a panel discussion with couples who've been successful on their journey to conception. Another great opportunity to connect and learn. 

Join me, Rachel Rabinor, LCSW and Dr. Elizabeth Winter, ND and Midwife for this 3 week series to gain support, create community and empower yourself with information to navigate this exciting time.

June 15, 27 + July 13
6:30 - 9:00pm

3355 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, 92103 (Banker's Hill)

$250 per couple/individual Before June 1
$275 after June 1

Fertility Support Group

The journey through infertility can be lonely and isolating. Maybe you've lost touch with some of your friends or they just don't understand what you're going through. Even family, while well-meaning, often don't get it. 

The anxiety and stress can feel overwhelming. You're not sure what your next step is and how to navigate this stage of your life- this stage you never imagined having to go through in the first place. Maybe you worry you're too depressed to be around a group of other women. But remember- these women GET it! 

Join me, Rachel Rabinor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker for this 6-Week Mind-Body Fertility Support Group. Share as much or as little as you like. Listen to others. Feel the power of community. Reach out for support during this challenging time in your life and know you are not alone.

Throughout the six weeks we'll explore issues related to fertility, including the impact on identity, self-esteem, sexuality and relationships. You'll have the opportunity to learn and practice relaxation and other mind/body coping skills each week. While we can't change the stressors you experience each day, we can help you learn to manage
your response to allow you to live more comfortably and engage with life more fully. 

Women experiencing both primary and secondary infertility are welcome.

June 13, 20, 27
July 11, 18
August 1

3355 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, 92103 (Banker's Hill)

$225 Before June 1
$275 After June 1