The relationship between parents and infants lays the foundation for a child's lifelong emotional and behavioral wellbeing. 

There are many life circumstances that can get in the way of forming the bond and attachment with your child that you had anticipated, such as: 

  • infertility struggles

  • difficult pregnancies or deliveries

  • family stresses

  • relationship challenges

  • baby's personality

  • perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

These experiences may also challenge your relationship with your toddler or young child.  Have you noticed new behaviors that have cropped up, seemingly out of nowhere? If you're concerned that the relationship or attachment with your child is at-risk, i encourage you to seek support.

From their first days, babies naturally look to their parents or caregivers to respond to them in consistent, sensitive, and loving ways. When babies and children find their caregivers to be responsive, they form secure attachments to them. Secure attachments help give children the confidence to explore their world, learn, and grow.

First relationships help define our capacity for attachment and set the tone for all of our future relationships. 

A strong positive relationship between parent and child: 

  • Reduces challenging behaviors and increases cooperative behavior in children

  • Increases the influence that parents have on their child's behavior

  • Helps children learn to form healthy relationships in the future

While the early weeks and months of infancy are important, attachments can be formed and improved throughout childhood and the teen years. I have specialized training in Parent - Child Interaction Therapy, that can help you strengthen the bond with your baby or young child, to give them the healthy start they need in their development. 

Seeking support for your child now will not only improve your current relationship with your child, but it will prepare them for healthy relationships throughout their life.  Call me today to schedule a free 30 minute in-person consultation and learn one thing you can do to help strengthen your relationship with your child. I can be reached at 619.780.3277